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As a result, a large variety of new game features have been introduced, including a natural motion-powered passing system. This is an industry-first technology, allowing players to pass the ball where they choose, as opposed to the camera having the final say. A new ‘quick flick’ pass system has been introduced, as has a new approach to finishing. The motion-powered dribbling system adds a greater level of balance and control when playing with the ball at your feet, with a completely new run mechanic that provides better player understanding of their body positioning on the pitch. In addition, challenges, minigames and the ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ card system have also been enhanced, as has shooting AI and progression.

FIFA 22 introduces an all-new Next-Gen Player Model (NGP), with over 50 new features and improvements to make every player a more accurate and realistic representation of a real player. The NGP is at the heart of the FIFA DNA and core to the World Series. Thanks to the sheer number of improvements, FIFA 22 has a significantly greater sense of authenticity and realism than ever before.

Improved AI – Realistic AI is the centrepiece of the NGP. The new AI is more intelligent than ever before, and it reacts in a whole new way to the actions of the player and the team.

New Player Data – The NGP features more accurate and detailed player attributes. Every player has been enhanced using the new player parameters.

Improved Player Modeling – For the first time, FIFA 22 has a full player body model, which encompasses the entire body, with an arm.

New Animation – FIFA 22 makes use of new animations for all the new player movements. These animations add a more diverse and realistic feel to the game than ever before.

Improved Player Flexibility – The NGP has been made more flexible, making every player feel more believable and allowing for an even greater range of movement and rotation.

New Interaction – Headshots, post-shots and foulls are more balanced and natural, and landing tackles are more realistic.

New Controls – Movement and speed have been improved, and new controls, including new controls for players and new Ball Physics have been introduced.

Tracking – The tracking process has also been greatly improved, with more accurate tracking data for the most important game elements.

New Weather – The stadium, pitch, goal nets


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  • Additional Player Career Storylines: Make a name for yourself in four fresh battles at club level!

    Stand out from the field as a free kick specialist.

    Go toe to toe with the vaunted defenders as the king of the tackle.

    Go head to head with the ultimate goal threat as a penalty specialist.

    Get your name on the ball as a long-range goal threat.

  • 1:1 Standing Matches: Collect rewards and prestige across the new cards and earn goals and assists by completing the 1-on-1 matches. 1v1 Favours can be played for Gladders and Prestige.
  • Goal!: Earn your first goal or assist in the new 1:1 standing matches. The new 1:1 standing matches reward quicker-firing goal-getters, while requiring managers who focus on assists to get involved in the action to earn rewards.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team: EA’s biggest day-one update to the Ultimate Team experience, FUT 22 includes a new brand-new Career Mode, new customisation options for new and existing items, and a slew of new cards for fans to add to their Ultimate Teams.

    New blue cards give free kick specialists access to four new higher-powered special moves as unlocked by use of on-pitch cards.

    Into Africa – a new World Cup bracket – kicks off this year’s World Cup.

    Greece in the UEFA Champions League.

    Re-vamp of the New Player of the Season experience.

    Career Card Updates: FUT 22 delivers options to streamline Ultimate Team collection while giving a fresh visual boost. The Update includes fixes to the following features:

    Match Day Balance: Go Head-to-Head in the new, online 1v1 Matches, which reward a player who picks up cards on the day. Specialise in card types as you compete with friends and pursue history in new Matches.

    Player Rating: Boost your overall rating by no more than three to display stickers in-game. This new mechanic rewards the consistent card selection and performance from a Manager.

    Search Cards functionality: Now you can search for new cards you’d love to add to your collection in a broader pool of items.

    New Changes in FIFA 22 – FIFA is not a football game, but a football game –


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    FIFA is the industry-leading video game franchise that takes the biggest names in world football and puts them in the game. From the world’s best players, captains and teams, to the biggest rivalries and most prestigious tournaments, FIFA brings the excitement of soccer to life like never before.

    What is FIFA Mobile?

    FIFA Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game that allows you to play the most popular and authentic version of FIFA with the friends you’re already making in the real world. Fans can play the largest number of players from over 100 national teams, squads of 5 vs 5 on 5 vs 5 pitch, and choose from one of the 30 leagues worldwide. Enjoy control from your fingertips while being immersed in the atmosphere and the intensity of the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga, MLS, Ligue 1, and many more.

    What is FIFA Ultimate Team™?

    FUT is an all-new way to customize your team in FIFA. The way players look, the way they are purchased, and the way they perform can be changed with some of the most powerful tools in the game. Choose your uniform and your play style, then take your pick from tens of thousands of real-world players – making anything and everything you do in the game uniquely your own. Earn packs of players by completing real challenges and challenges with your friends. Then use your new players to create your dream team, dominate your favourite tournament and create a roster that represents you and your style of play.

    What is EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19?

    EA SPORTS FIFA 19 delivers a truly connected experience, uniting the most authentic details of the real game with more ways than ever to play. FIFA 19 marries groundbreaking features from the most innovative video game leagues with a fresh approach to gameplay, like a deeper and smarter matchday experience, all-new Champions, and the introduction of Ultimate Team.

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    The all-new FIFA Ultimate Team. The place to build your dream squad with authentic players from all over the world.

    FIFA 19 App Developer Package

    FIFA 19 App Development Package. Discover how easy it is to bring your vision to life.

    FIFA 19 Customise Your Ultimate Team

    FIFA 19 Customise Your Ultimate Team. Build your dream squad, play your favourite tournament and compete in the world’s greatest competitions.


    Fifa 22 Crack + Activator

    Level up your FIFA Ultimate Team to become the ultimate football manager. Choose from over 200 player career cards, unlock new kits, and improve your club’s superstars to dominate the game. Play as your favourite real-world club stars or take charge of the squads of your favourite footballers from all around the world.

    Training – Improve your players’ physical, technical, and tactical abilities. Improve your players’ agility with a new power meter, and choose from dozens of different training drills to improve their technical skill. Training builds muscle memory, and players get better with every successful training session.

    Intelligent Training – Small tweaks in training changes can result in big changes on the pitch. Especially during matches. Train smarter, so that you get the most out of your player’s training techniques.

    FIFA Transfer Market – Work your way up in management and as a player, by buying and selling players. With your own transfer budget, you will be able to access a huge choice of options as you approach your transfer targets.

    The Tour

    The FIFA Tour – The Tour is a global contest to determine the ultimate soccer fan. Join the hunt for players and earn a piece of a new FUT Champions Pack. Visit the FIFA website and make your selection, then play to claim your reward.

    World Cup

    Official match days – Watch all of the action from the World Cup on your FIFA website. From the Group Stage all the way to the Final, the best players and teams will take to the pitch.

    Official FUT Tournament – Choose a club, create your dream team, and battle against your friends on your FIFA Ultimate Team. Play over three online tournaments, and earn enough in-game currency to enter the FIFA 17 World Player Showcase at the World Cup in FUT Champions Pack #1.

    European Teams – Not surprisingly, Europe is the most popular region to manage in FIFA, with the likes of Manchester City, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid often being chosen.

    U.S. Teams – The U.S. is currently dominated by Sporting Kansas City and Sporting Portland, but others like Portland Timbers, Sporting Miami, FC Dallas, and San Jose Earthquakes are becoming more common choices.

    Brazilian Teams – Brazil is the most prominent country in terms of players. Now with more Brazilians living in other countries, players from Brazil might be more available to purchase than ever before.


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    Forget everything you know about FIFA from your youth. FIFA is the best football game in the world, bringing together every aspect of the most popular sport from players, teams and stadiums right through to the tactics and playing styles of the world’s best coaches.

    The Year of the Zlatan

    All eyes on Zlatan! FIFA 19’s all-new Career Mode brings your dream of being the greatest to life. The Career Mode lets you set your own path to success in 10 years, and it changes every season to keep you on your toes. Move through the game with full control over how you play, perfect your skills and take charge of a football club.

    You decide what you want to achieve.

    Career Modes

    Go all out. Fully customize your player’s attributes and kit. Set your own path to success in just 10 years. Play your role in a dynamic career mode. Follow your dream from youth soccer into international football, with full control over every aspect of your player’s career.

    Improved Goalkeeper AI

    A new goalkeeper AI system allows players to make better decisions about when to close down the ball and when to get to it, while Goalkeeper’s first-touch can also be influenced by contextual factors such as physical and mental fatigue.

    Developed with the Community

    EA SPORTS FIFA 19’s Player Impact Engine brings to life the emotion of the final ball in an all-new player collision engine. A major overhaul of the animation engine brings the magic back to moments with defenders who are grappling for the ball.

    Story Mode

    Travel back in time to the golden age of football when EA SPORTS FIFA 19 brings you 24 authentic stadiums in 8 countries, from the legendary Ajax Amsterdam to the legendary Maracanã Stadium in Brazil. Complete a variety of story-driven and traditional modes such as Exhibition, online League and Career Mode.

    Familiar Faces, More for the Fans

    FIFA 19 introduces to Career Mode a brand new way to make your journey as a player. Every year of your career is defined by two core themes – the type of football club that you have played for and your position within the club. To help you navigate your experience, every year will feature a matchday experience that will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

    16 Pro Clubs

    Play as any of 16 European and South American elite clubs through all 11


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