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If you want to run Photoshop in Windows 7 or Windows 8, you’ll need to have the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app installed. To do so, just type into your Web browser and you’ll be given a desktop app that you can download and install.

Figure 2-5. In Windows, the Photoshop program has two startup settings. You can turn the program off if you don’t want it to run when

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Want to add animation effects to images? You can create your own animations in Adobe Flash using the photoshop plugin.

From creating a photorealistic image to adding a rainbow filter effect to a still image, here are a number of Photoshop, photo editing features to help you master the art of graphic design. This article also includes a number of graphic design tools that can help you begin your graphic designing career.

“The first step in graphic design is to create a sense of excitement about the subject. That’s the key. You need to be excited by the project as you begin it.” – Bill Scott

Introduction to Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of visual communication through the use of typography, illustration, photography and layout. Graphic designers are experts in all the above mentioned fields and also know how to use their knowledge to create something that is readable and meaningful, easily identifiable and communicates properly.

As with any other art, graphic design requires practice. You’ll have to test your creative abilities to know when you’ve created something with great aesthetic appeal and that’s visually interesting to the person consuming it. Here’s an infographic that can help you get started on the way.

Understanding the Basics of Photoshop

For those of you who are new to graphic design, Photoshop is a very powerful design tool.

To edit images you need to know how to open and manipulate your images, cut or crop them, add effects and add text. In the next few sections we’ll walk through each of these tasks to get you started.

Opening and manipulating images in Photoshop.

Opening images in Photoshop. The first step of your photo manipulation is to open your image in Photoshop. It is a vector graphics application and can open many different image formats. Open your image in Photoshop by pressing the open button. Your image should open in the image window as shown below:

Photoshop image window.

Once you have opened your image, you can drag the image around the window. In the example below, the layers are selected so all the layers in the image are active. Each pixel that is added or moved is added to the exact location in the layers.

Photoshop’s image window with a number of active layers.

The icon to the left is your cursor. Click and drag it wherever you want to move or manipulate the image. To resize your image, simply hold

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Fission is the splitting of an atomic nucleus by the bombardment of high-energy particles. By fission, the atomic nucleus may lose part of its mass and a new fragment is formed, for example, releasing a pair of neutrons. The larger fragment is called the fissile nucleus, while the smaller fragment is the fission fragment.


The most important property of a fissile nucleus is its stability, i.e. that it does not tend to break up, or otherwise decay, spontaneously. It is a requirement of stability that a nucleus is neither too stable, nor too unstable. The relative stability of a nucleus is given by its fissility (the probability of fission, per decay, that a nucleus of given mass will fission when exposed to certain conditions): a fissile nucleus is a nucleus that tends to fission when bombarded by high-energy particles.

Fissility is a measure of the nuclear stability of a nucleus, i.e. of the size of the range of potential energy between the ground state and a ground state at which the nucleus tends to disintegrate.

The most stable nuclei are spherical isotopes of a very heavy element (e.g. uranium-238 or thorium-232). Because of its stability, the nucleus of 238U is more than 99.99% likely to stay together if bombarded by a high-energy particle. The most unstable nuclei are those of extremely light elements like protons or neutrons. For example, a heavy nucleus like 238U, if attached to a proton, gains the additional binding energy needed to hold it together by about. Similarly, the binding energy that would have to be lost in order for a heavy nucleus to transform into a light nucleus like 35Si is. The cross section of nuclei to penetrate is proportional to this difference, so heavy nuclei are more resistive than light nuclei. For example, 238U is more resistive to penetrating alpha-particles than 35Si is.

Fission is also much more efficient in releasing energy than many other nuclear reactions, as illustrated by the fact that a uranium-235 atom, typically found in 235U, can undergo a series of nuclear reactions, eventually ending in the more stable 238U. It has been estimated that this process is less energetically expensive than simply “burning” the uranium-235 and releasing energy by β-decay, rather than fission.

What’s New In Adobe Photoshop CC 2015?

Photos: 5-20

Raymond Arevalo/CNET

We’ve been waiting for it (and sometimes not so patiently), but Google’s newest Chrome beta for the Mac is here. This first official release of Google’s new browser lands with a lot of new features, enhancements, and user interface changes, including a refreshed homepage with new branding, a “shiny new” Material Design aesthetic, and a revamped Add-to-Homepage function.

You can download the latest version of Chrome for the Mac here, or click on the buttons below to jump straight to a section of the post.

Image: Raymond Arevalo/CNETSerendipity (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

“Serendipity” is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Plot summary
Two months after the events of “Grave”, Buffy has undergone very little change from the picture of her which was shown on her tombstone. She still needs to undertake a Slayer initiation test, but that does not seem to be a concern at her school. During the day, she is being taught by her new friend Willow, an overachieving grad student from Magic U, and later visits the library with Dawn and Cordelia. During the visit, Buffy finds a book which reveals that the Initiative was aware of her existence and that in fact it was under their protection.

Wesley studies with Joyce, and is intrigued by her past as a Slayer and wants to know more. This inspires him to learn more about the Slayer initiation, and to this end he and Giles arrange a visit to the Initiative headquarters to get more information. They are joined there by Buffy and Willow. Buffy discovers a computer records of the entire history of Slayers, which appears to suggest that the current Slayer is chosen specifically by destiny, not the result of previous cases. They are also shown research into Raised Slayers, but it is revealed that the Initiative has developed a dangerous artificial Slayers called Proteans that do not conform to this definition, and their existence shows no involvement by destiny. Buffy decides not to perform the initiation because she is no longer willing to kill. The leaders of the Initiative are afraid that Buffy does not want the test and decide not to run it. Buffy’s friends agree that she should be able to decide herself, and their agreement inspires her to meet Angel. When she meets him, Buffy realises that she really does

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium III/500MHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Disk: at least 5 GB
Video: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with a resolution of at least 1024×768
Additional Notes:
Bundles and DLCs are not available on the Xbox One version. The game is not compatible with the new Kinect sensor. Please consult the product page for the minimum system requirements.
About the game:
First is the story, the premise is simple, the human race has been on

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