Video Violacion Ingrid Betancourt Por Farc Mega =LINK=


Video Violacion Ingrid Betancourt Por Farc Mega

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For months, Red Bull has struggled on the race track with reliability issues with its Renault power unit, a problem that has been more severe this season. The French manufacturer is expected to reduce its pace unit production with the aim of improving the reliability of the power unit in the remaining races of the championship.

Despite the problems Renault has, Hamilton believes Red Bull should have no issue at all competing for a world championship because they are more prepared than any other team.

“In terms of drivers, we should be OK as we have a bigger budget and have more resources,” Hamilton said. “But we can’t say the same for the manufacturers – they are the ones that are struggling.

“There’s not one team where the power unit seems to work the most. Red Bull, Williams and Racing Point have had a lot of problems.

“When we can’t even get the power unit to work we should be worried about the rest of the package.

“I still rate Red Bull as the strongest team, and if we can hit the ground running at the first race in Australia, then we should be OK.

“There’s not one team that should worry us. We’re the underdog, not Red Bull or Mercedes.

“It’s not their year. Ferrari got a World Championship in my second year but then came back in my third.

“As I said, I still rate Red Bull as the strongest team, which is why we should not be concerned.”

Hamilton has struggled for pace this year, finishing in the top three in only two races.

The reigning world champion has a points deficit to Mercedes but believes he has been aided by a lack of power issues with the car.

“We’ve got a super-competitive team and we should be in the points,” Hamilton added. “But we’ve been running good and picking up good points.

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