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Fifa Futsal 13 Pc Full Version


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How to Defrost Ice Cream

My ice cream machine dies every year. I’ve spent hours online reading forum threads and forums at Kraftwerk. It’s a real pity because I’ve never had an issue with the machine itself. More often than not, it works perfectly, it is just that the ice cream freezes before it gets a chance to pour out of the container. This has typically been a rainy day problem but I’ve recently suffered from a heatwave and this has been much to blame. One day I had left my ice cream at home, so when the weather turned off and I finally got back home, it was completely congealed, I could have sliced it.

This was when I realised I needed to defrost my ice cream. Thankfully, there are many ways of doing this. Of course, the simplest way would be to just leave it in the fridge overnight. However, I don’t like the idea of letting my little one have to wait all evening to enjoy my ice cream.

Other ways of defrosting ice cream include:

Put the frozen ice cream in a heated oven

The heat can be either very hot or very cold depending on what kind of ice cream it is (hard or soft). It’s usually best if it’s as close to freezing as possible. Usually, a low temperature of around five degrees Celsius is perfect.

Defrost ice cream in the microwave

I don’t think it will be quite as effective as the other methods so this is a last resort for me. You’d better to put the ice cream in the freezer again after being defrosted.

Freeze it again

This method can be quite effective. I’ve sometimes used this method on soft ice cream.

Fasten the lid of a plastic container with a clothes peg

Here is a pretty ingenious use of a clothes peg! You could also tie it to the side of the container if you’re worried about a


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