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Stardock StyleVista is a new program designed for Windows Vista. It lets users customize “Aero”, the new Windows Vista environment.
Windows Vista is the name of the next version of Microsoft Windows. It includes a new “user experience” called Aero. Part of that experience is a new “glassy” user interface.
StyleVista is a simple program that lets users alter that new user interface. Users can set the color and opacity of the foreground widow and the background window. Future builds will include even more features. Stay tuned!


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WinMac NTFS is a FREE, NTFS file system recovery utility that can read/repair/create damaged/corrupted/unreadable NTFS partitions. WinMac NTFS even repairs the file system corrupted by the NTFS related virus or worm attack.
WinMac NTFS supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS file systems recovery, restore, resize and unallocate free space.
# Portable RecuView is a multi-tabbed application that will replace many of the common utilities in the Windows Start Menu.
It helps you organize application, folders and system settings. The application includes a task manager that can be configured to launch any executable file you specify.
You can also configure the Start Menu buttons to show information and customize a unified desktop experience.
An autoexecutable or setup wizard will guide you through this complete application.
The most common functions include:
Folder Organization:
– Organize your software, folders, drives or printers into categories.
– Virtual desktop applet allows to monitor and find all Running or newly opened applications.
– It can display the recently opened, closed and minimized programs.
– Create Restore Points.
– Built-in File Repair tool scans damaged or corrupt files.
– Built-in uninstaller tool uninstall the portable version.
System Setting:
– Detailed CPU description (Cores, Frequency, Load and Frequency) for each processor.
– Memory information for each section (Desktop, AppSwitcher, Start Menu and Taskbar).
– Built-in boot time manager will create a restore point at the time of computer restart.
– Built-in disk defragmenter can defragment or optimize NTFS filesystem.
– Built-in system information utility will read or create the system configuration report.

quickly read and write files as well as can quickly copy, move and delete files or even entire directories. This app supports batch file operations, allows you to easily navigate a windows registry.
– Mount any file, folder or drive.
– Command line operations to mount and unmount any file or drive.
– Create new registry keys or edit them.
– Create new text files, launch any executable.
– Create new shortcuts.
– Copy any file, folder or drive.
– Rename any file or folder.
– Extract any archive or compressed file.
– Delete any file, folder or drive.
– View a list of files or

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Just about any computer user, regardless of the operating system used, will find it hard to believe that there is a time and date widget that even works on iPad!
In this day and age, keeping track of the time and scheduling meetings and dates of events has become much easier than it was before, thanks to various time-tracking software and online calendars. Now, instead of having to check your laptop or smartphone, you can keep an eye on the time and time zone in the comfort of your iPad’s own screen.
The application Ubook lets you have this luxury. It has a few neat and quite useful features and is a simple, yet multi-functional, way to keep the clock on your iPad.
The app is free of charge, but you can either purchase a membership to unlock the premium version, which is the full-featured edition, or apply a one-time fee of just $0.99 to use the app’s features.
The app’s main icon is a digital clock, standing at its own position on the Apple’s universal iOS menu, but it can be hidden through the “iPhone” menu. You can change the time and time zone by using the corresponding buttons.
As mentioned before, in addition to the time, you can view a date, but you can only do this if the date format is set to the 24 hour format. You can change the options and preferences to your liking.
The clock’s features are what you would expect, but they are quite neat and are worth mentioning. Since it is an iPad app, you can easily unlock the iOS5 features, such as unlock picture gallery and mail, and see your battery life.
Your monthly budget consists of the expenses you want to spend for this period, such as groceries, clothing and utilities. It is easy to create a budget and track all the expenses you have.
Comparing to, WinMac Torrent Download Departmental is less than the perfect software to stay on top of your budget. You don’t have to enter all the details or input all your bank transactions. Instead, you can simply choose an expense category, such as groceries, and input the corresponding amount.
The category and amount can be added in more than one way, depending on the category you have chosen. You can either add the total amount of the category or use specific expense categories, if you have them set up.
A nice feature that you won’t see in most other budgeting programs, is that you can add


Of course, there are tools that can make your life as an iOS developer a bit easier. One of them is known as Mac OS X version of the XCode IDE. Mac OS X is a UNIX-like operating system and belongs to the Mac family of operating systems.
The IDE is the all-in-one tool that includes everything you need to create applications and games for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV.
The IDE acts as a development environment for people who code in C, C++, Objective-C, Object Pascal and for those who are familiar with languages like Java and C#. You can check out many more features of the IDE when you read the rest of the post.
Well, one of the few reasons that made me install and use it was because the application is meant for the Mac. I love coding on the Mac, but I dislike the interface or rather the lack of one. This is why I was interested to see how the IDE would look like on a Mac.
All is not perfect here though. I couldn’t make any direct connection to the internet on the iPhone simulator, I found that it wasn’t possible and the IDE is a little glitchy at times. But overall, it is a very nice looking application that I will be using soon.
Installing it is very easy. You just need to download it and unzip it. Once unzipped, run the file This will open up a window and that’s it.
You can now run the IDE and enjoy what it has to offer. It is very similar to the iPhone simulator. You are given the option to connect the device by either dragging and dropping it to the window, or by clicking the “Connect” button.
In case you are wondering why isn’t the emulator connected to the computer, you have to remember that this is the Mac version of the IDE. Hence, it doesn’t require an internet connection.
You can use and change the configuration settings by simply clicking on the Advanced button. It will open a menu where you can change quite a few options, such as the language, base SDK or the build platform.
One of the best features of the IDE is the ability to compile, debug and run the application directly from within the IDE, instead of using the iPhone simulator.
The IDE supports Xcode 3.2, so if you’re using an older

What’s New in the?

WinMac is a tool that allows you to add the ability to navigate through web pages by simply touching their hotspots on a page. It does so by combining a tabbed browser window with a pointing device.
The tool is designed to give Windows users, who are already familiar with Firefox and Internet Explorer, an alternative to switching to web browsers without compromising on features.
WinMac promises to make navigation easier and more effective for users, which may have grown accustomed to tabbed browsing. It also keeps track of which page you are on by identifying it automatically through the referrer.
Among other things, users will be able to activate the program and verify its configuration by simply pressing the “Run Now” button.
Navigation is handled by hotspots and the default layout includes a toolbar which contains buttons to zoom in and out. It also includes various options which will allow you to set the following parameters:
– The number of open tabs
– The number of content panes
– The color of the user interface
– Speed and language
– Screen resolution
– Capability to save cookies
– Preferences
WinMac is a simple but useful tool for people looking for the ability to continue browsing web pages without getting distracted by extraneous or unneeded options.
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System Requirements:

OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.0Ghz) or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 500 MB available space
Video: Nvidia GeForce 9400 or ATI HD 2600
Mouse: A standard USB mouse
Sound Card: Install DirectX9.0c on your computer.
Input Board: USB keyboard
Joystick: A game controller
Headset: A stereo headset
Network: Internet connection
Internet: A broadband connection

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