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Upon its release in 1982, AutoCAD was one of the first multi-user desktop CAD programs to use 3D modeling, computer-aided engineering, and computer-aided drafting. AutoCAD was named an ACM SIG (the Association for Computing Machinery) Best Paper Award winner in 1983. AutoCAD is currently the most popular commercial CAD software application, with over 350 million users worldwide.

AutoCAD vs. FreeCAD?

There are many CAD software applications out there, both open source and proprietary. There are many open source CAD software applications, and many CAD software applications with proprietary licenses. While there are many CAD programs available, there are only a few commercial CAD software products on the market that are in competition with AutoCAD. They are open source-based CAD programs, such as FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, FreeCAD Basic, etc.

Why is AutoCAD not also an open source project? While most CAD programs are proprietary software products, the answer is pretty simple: the company that developed AutoCAD has always considered the application to be in the public domain. AutoCAD is a very popular CAD program, so it has been attractive to many companies that develop proprietary CAD software products. The internal software development of AutoCAD would be a good thing for other CAD software companies, so it would also be a good thing for the software community, as a whole. If the developer of AutoCAD was to open source the software, then AutoCAD could be used as an open source CAD software project.

Getting Started with AutoCAD

Getting started with AutoCAD is simple. Download AutoCAD from the official Autodesk website. There are two versions of AutoCAD available: AutoCAD LT (small footprint) and AutoCAD 2017 (full featured).

Autodesk sells AutoCAD LT for $299 (plus shipping, handling, and VAT fees). Autodesk sells AutoCAD 2017 for $1,249 (plus shipping, handling, and VAT fees). Both versions of AutoCAD come in a 16-bit version and a 32-bit version. Both can be used on a Mac or Windows operating system.

If you have access to a Windows PC, then the recommended approach is to download and install the 16-bit version of AutoCAD. If you have access to a Mac, then the recommended approach is to download and install the 32-bit version

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2D and 3D objects can be represented using the AutoCAD Cracked Accounts object-oriented programming system (or, by extension, using other programming languages). Using this API, AutoCAD objects can be created, shared between drawings, and operated on and updated from the command line.

Commands and button blocks

The AutoCAD commands are provided as button blocks that can be easily dragged and dropped on a drawing. Alternatively, some commands can be used from the Ribbon menu.

The drawing area has a display of any objects drawn or selected in that area.
The drop zone is the zone or region in which commands can be dragged and dropped. The drawing area and drop zone are combined into one large canvas area.
The Command Line is used to enter commands, select objects, and edit existing objects.


AcadObjects are objects (e.g. lines, arcs, circles, text etc.) in an AutoCAD drawing that are stored in the drawing database.

AddObject adds a new item, e.g. a line, arc, circle, text, text box, etc.

Classes and objects in AutoCAD are often given a.NET object ID. The object ID can be obtained via the.NET function GetObjectID and set via SetObjectID.

Guided Editing
Guided editing is a special kind of annotation created by dragging a grip or two points over an existing annotation, which makes it easy to guide the cursor to a specific location on the object.

Drafting Tools
The Drafting Tools of AutoCAD are, amongst others:
Draft Toolbar
Dimension Toolbar


DwgCommands is an object-oriented API for the Windows-based AutoCAD V.17 to V.20. This library allows users to extend the functionality of the toolbars, menus, and tool tips by writing a small Autodesk DWG file. Autodesk DWG file is a file format that can be read by AutoCAD V.17, V.18 and V.19, and allows users to add new functionality to the design software.

Desktop application programming
There are two main types of software-based applications, one is a plugin and the other is a client application. A plugin is a third-party application that works with a drawing file by using its built-in or custom file format. A

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Best way to handle images with a wide variety of sizes?

I have an iPhone application that displays a lot of images. Some of these images are of fixed size (eg 32×32) others are of variable size.
I have an architecture I currently use that works for most of the images, but for images with a wide variety of sizes the repeated code can get ugly and hard to maintain.
I am looking for a good solution for this. Here are some of the image sizes I have.


Are there any frameworks or methodologies that would help to avoid this kind of problem?


I’d do something along the lines of this:
@interface NSMutableArray (ImageExtension)
– (void)addImage:(UIImage *)image;

@implementation NSMutableArray (ImageExtension)
– (void)addImage:(UIImage *)image {
NSMutableArray * newImages = [NSMutableArray array];
for (int i=0; i

What’s New In AutoCAD?

When working with dynamic objects that are stored in drawing files, AutoCAD helps you make the most out of your work by performing modeling updates automatically when any linked properties of a dynamic object change.

A powerful and easy-to-use tool that supports both Windows and Mac, AutoDesk Sketch can be used to create many kinds of graphics and designs. (video: 1:35 min.)

Use the new Encapsulated Drawing Services (EDS) workflow to work with more than one drawing file at a time.

Specify and set many drawing properties at once. Right-click to see a list of drawing properties.

Dynamically change a drawing’s properties without using the property sheet. Right-click to bring up the Change Properties dialog box.

Create and edit layers from scratch or from a template.

Introduce Kinematic text and equations into drawings.

Incorporate numerical data into a drawing.

Create layers from new tools in the Palette.

Refine the appearance of objects using presets.

Let your users edit drawings interactively. Use the user interface to edit drawings and move, scale, and rotate objects.

Create interactive layouts and charts.

Improve efficiency and reduce the time needed to create drawings by creating templates and using them.

Reduce the number of steps needed to create drawings by simplifying complex sets of commands.

Use tools to export and reimport drawings to other formats. Export a drawing to.pdf,.hdr,.iso, and.psd. Reimport a.pdf file or an.hdr file.

These are just a few of the many significant enhancements in AutoCAD 2023. See the documentation for the complete list.

How to get AutoCAD 2023

Get AutoCAD

The AutoCAD product line has evolved over the years, from the original AutoCAD 2000 to now AutoCAD LT 2020. In 2020, you can find AutoCAD LT at the price of $299 for home use and $699 for technical/industrial use. You can also get the entry-level AutoCAD LT 2020 add-on package.

Get AutoCAD LT for desktop use

Get AutoCAD LT 2020 for desktop use

Get AutoCAD LT 2023 for desktop use

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